Chords of Life (Satriani Cover)

Guitar cover of my favorite song on the album. Played on my Ibanez RG2550 with Petrucci signature pickups (Crunch Lab and Liquifire), into Crybaby 95Q, then into NI Komplete 6 interface. I used LePou HyBrit amp model (MCJ mode) boosted by Ignite Amps TSB-1 overdrive and a little Sonic Maximizer and OhmBoyz delay. For cab I used RedWire impulse of Marshall cab loaded with Celestion G12M, double mic’d with R121 and SM57. The whole thing is played on the same settings, with (obviously) wah switched on only for the solo. My fingertips were very sore so I missed a couple of bends, went sharp or flat. Oh well 🙂

Guitar: Ibanez RG2550EGK
Pickup: DiMarzio Crunch Lab
Pickup: DiMarzio Liquifire
Effect: Crybaby 95Q
Effect: OhmBoyz
Effect: Ignite Amps TSB-1
Effect: Sonic Maximizer
Amplifier: LePou HyBrit
Cabinet: RedWirez mixIR2
Interface: NI Komplete 6
Recorder: Reaper

Dr Boogey DIY pedal demo, part 3

Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons

For more info see

Guitar: Ibanez RG2550EGK
Pickup: DiMarzio/IBZ bridge
Effect: Dr Boogey
Effect: Crybaby 95Q
Effect: Boss DD-20
Cabinet: Palmer PDI-09
Recorder: Boss Micro BR

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