Tube Screamer 808


Tubescreamer is probably one of the most built pedals in the DIY community. I got idea to build this pedal after disappointment with Marshall Jackhammer JH-1 distortion pedal which turned out to be a disappointment in my Squier Strat guitar 🙂 . After hearing many good stuff about this pedal I just had to try it. PCB layout came from TonePad and parts are mostly ordered from Small Bear.


I also made few small modifications to original TS-808 design: instead of tantal 0.22uF capacitors I used Panasonic film caps and instead of 51pF cap I used 47pF Silver Mica. Besides that I also added few mods by Robert Keeley – change 0.047uF cap to 0.1uF cap for more bass, change 4.7K resistor to 2.2K and 51K resistor with 20K for more gain range. Resistors used are metal film 1% tolerance 1/4w and 1/2w, whichever were available and IC is JRC4558.


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Although it wasn’t noisey I wanted to try to shield everything inside the box, so I changed all pot leads and input/output leads with shielded cable to further reduce noise. It wasn’t easy because shielded wire is much thicker than regular, but at the end everything turned out fine. I hope this is the last time I’m messing around with this project 🙂

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5 Responses to “Tube Screamer 808”
  1. JakeJenkins says:

    with trying to quite down that pedal. use an lm833 and 2n 5088/89 transistors. you wont lose that majical tone but it will be quite as an amp turned off!

  2. JD says:

    I know it’s a long shot, but do u still have the Marshall pedal? If so will u sell it, how much? Thanx. Please email: Thanx!!

    • Bancika says:

      It’s an interesting story, a guy took it to sell it in his guitar shop 4 years ago and I never heard from him again 🙂

  3. Schnugglwuggl says:

    Did the shielded wires really make a difference?

    • Bancika says:

      Not that I could tell. If I’d to build it again I’d only use shielded wire for input lead if it’s longer than 1″ for precaution.

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