Friedman BE-OD

Friedman makes some really nice stuff and BE-OD was probably the hottest pedal in 2016. Being a big fan of the hot-rodded Marshall sound, I had to jump on that train one way of the other. I considered buying the pedal, but the good people at forum managed to reverse engineer it and one of them even produced a pro-quality PCBs, so I went the DIY route once again and decided to build the pedal myself. The PCB came from and is really nicely done.

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  1. Jeff Smith says:

    Cost mainly the reason for not buying the actual thing. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look for a kit online with all the parts. They do exist right? I’m new to all this.

    • bancika says:

      I’m not aware that anyone sells kits yet, but things are changing fast, there will probably be one soon enough.

    • bancika says:

      You can try asking at, there’s a thread for BE-OD. Someone might be able to help you.

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    /How did it turn out and sound? Any chance you are building them for others? I’m so not electronically inclined to make something like that and would pay for it?

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