I am against cloning of commercial products that are novel, especially when they are reasonably priced. Shredneck is both, but like many other products, it isn’t available in Serbia. The only thing left to do is to build one 🙂 A 100% knock-off would be lame, so we added some changes. To make it more comfortable, tuners are completely enclosed inside the “headstock”, so tuning posts or string ends won’t bother when holding it.


It’s made from solid piece of maple, leftover from guitar necks. Slotted stainless steel plate holds strings on one end. Two bone nuts, one on each end, keep the strings in place and maintain radius/action. Bone may be overkill because shredneck isn’t exactly the instrument that can benefit from bone nut qualities. Headstock (or body in this case) is drilled on the top to let the strings through because tuners are concealed inside the headstock. Matching maple lid covers the tuner cavity. Tuners came from an old acoustic guitar. Since precise and regular tuning isn’t needed here, tuning pegs would annoy most of the time. That’s why they are simply cut off 🙂 To make it possible to set string tension tuner peg leftovers are slotted, so a regular screwdriver may be used. Headstock is drilled on the sides to allow tuning without removing the lid.


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8 Responses to “Shredneck”
  1. Zantrop says:

    I am not fond of this kind of non-playable guitars, but i imagined a kind of string through the headstock design. Anyone have seen this? I’m interested into making it

  2. Joey D. says:

    Are you willing to sell these because this is far superior to the shredneck? Please let me know.

    • bancika says:

      Hi Joey,
      unfortunately, we don’t have capacity to produce these at a scale that would make it cost effective. Btw, what makes you thing it’s superior to shredneck?

      • Joey D. says:

        Well off the back I think the concealed tuners make it so you can rest your hand without having to rest on tuning pegs. A greater surface for picking more like a regular guitar. The design of the shredneck seems like you will eventually cut up your pick hand

  3. Steve says:

    Hey mate. this is awesome. very clever of you. I was looking at buying a shred neck but I don’t like that it’s not in tunable and the fret spacing is wrong so i was thinking of something like what you’ve done here. How did you contend with the truss-rod in the neck when you cut it down?

    • bancika says:

      you cannot tune it unless it’s a full scale (or even short scale) guitar. There’s no enough tension to bend the short “neck”, so truss rod is not needed.

  4. juan says:

    My fríend you are such a genious!!!!

    I cannot have it in my country either and I can’t have it done by anyone.
    Well. may be I can have it done but they will charge me huge .

    I probably try your idea with a Little modification . I cross the strings up to the end so I can do struming also.

    Thanks and kudos for your idea!

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