New portable amp day!

Blackstar FLY3 amps are so nice looking and great sounding (for the size and the price) amps, that I couldn’t resist buying one. It’s battery operated, small and very useful for travel or just simple playing on the sofa without having to plug into a full-sized rig or laptop. I will post a full review, but some initial thoughts are – nice cleans, overdriven tones range from light crunch to pretty high gain, delay is warm sounding and can be used as reverb to add space to the sound or as a regular delay. Line-in can be used to connect to a phone and play over backing tracks or can be used to play music or monitor when I play through the laptop. So far, happy with the purchase!

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  1. Kicos!
    I stumbled on to your website, and I am enjoying reading it very much! Thanks especially for your review of the Blackstar 3… I’m on a LONG 7-week stay in a hotel room, and I brought my fretless… unfortunately, my iRig won’t work (both my computer and my phone are too old) and the only way I can practice is through my old Tascam GT3… it works, but it isn’t ideal. I don’t have time to build anything, though I DO have an idea that I’ll work on when I get home. Anyway, it seems like the Blackstar 3 would be perfect for my current situation, I’ll hunt around for a deal somewhere.

    But the rest of the site is so very filled with good ideas that I can’t WAIT to try out… I especially like the idea of recycling old electronics into guitar tone experiments… SUPER cool!

    By way of a more tangible thank-you… if you’ll email me your mailing address, I’ll send you a few transistors from my stash that you can experiment with(if you want them). Way back when, I found an old ebay seller who sold me a bunch of transistors that he bought as surplus. I bought up just about everything that he had. Many of these transistors are housemarked new-old-stock. I don’t know what, if anything, they would be good for, but I can provide test info from a simple tester. I have a feeling, though, that your stash is far bigger than mine and you’ve got enough transistors to last you a lifetime… if that’s the case, it’s totally cool, but if you’d like a small sample, just let me know!

    Note- because I’m out of town working, it’ll take at least six weeks before I can ship them to you.

    Thanks again, BG

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