New amp finished!

Check out my latest build – AX84 4-4-0 amp.


New parts arrived!

Got my parts from customs (bastards!) to kick off a new build – AX84 4-4-0 amp, a 2w version of famous Trainwreck Express. Stay tuned.


New camera day!

Finally got myself a new camera – Canon SX200 IS. Hopefully my closeup shots won’t look as bad as they used to be 🙂 I took few quick pix to see how it performs in macro mode.



Working with shielded teflon wire

Today I’ll try to explain how to work with the shielded teflon wire. Below is the step by step guide with photos. Click on a photo to see more details.

Note: don’t try to do this with PVC insulated wire as it’s likely that you’ll melt the insulation and short the shield with the center conductor.


Silencing tremolo springs

In a typical tremolo equipped guitar we have a couple of springs that are stretched between the bridge and the body. When you hit the strings bridge and body resonate and cause the springs to resonate too. Pickups are not that far from the springs at all. In most guitars there’s no more than half an inch of wood between them and wood doesn’t do anything to prevent the pickups from picking up vibrations from the springs.

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WordPress migration done!

I finally moved all (or close to all) things from my old site to WordPress. If you need something on the old site you can use this link http://diy-fever.com/old.



Pearly amp completed

I’ve completed Pearly amp, a hybrid with JFET preamp and 12K5 based tube output for total of 35mW of raw power 🙂 Check it out.



Welcome to the new DIY Fever! It’s been few years since the last major site change. As anything else on this site, the whole thing was done in DIY fashion – wrote everything in PHP myself. Over time it got pretty hard to maintain all that code and articles, so I decided to replace everything with WordPress. Much less stuff to worry about and it looks pretty cool. Yes, it is a bit generic but I’d rather do something better than PHP 🙂 Anyways, enjoy your stay!

Happy holidays,

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