Welcome to my home brew YouTube clip search engine. Use the boxes below to search through my DIY clips by selecting the gear used to record them. Boxes may be left blank, so if you’re interested to hear how amp X sounds with guitar Y, just select them in the correct boxes and leave everything else blank.


Message to fellow DIY-ers – if you have clip(s) on YouTube that you would like to make available through this search engine, please use the comment form below to get in touch with me so I can include them. To make a clip searchable by this engine, video description on YouTube must contain at least one line that describes which gear was used to record it. Each piece of gear must be listed in a separate line, like shown in the example below:

Guitar: Ibanez RG2550EGK
Pickup: DiMarzio Crunch Lab
Amplifier: AX84 4-4-0
Cabinet: Palmer PDI-09
Recorder: Boss Micro BR
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