Pick Compare Tool

This tool can compare any two picks head-to-head. To see the full list of picks with customizable grading, visit this page.

A B Comment
Thickness 1.4mm 1.4mm
Length 25mm 24mm
Width 22mm 21mm
Material Nylon Tusq
Bevel Soft V V
Warm/Bright 5.5 4 A is noticeably brighter
Fundamental/Complex 2 6 B is significantly complexer
Flexible/Stiff 6 9 B is significantly stiffer
Gritty/Smooth 9 9 Both are very similar
Volume 5.5 4 A is noticeably louder
Precision 6.5 8 B is noticeably more precise
Speed 5 8 B is significantly faster
Comfort 5 5 Both are very similar
Durability 6 7 B is slightly more durable
Grip 7 6 A is slightly grips better
Price 10 6 A is significantly cheaper
Quality 3 4 B is slightly better made
Total Grade 6.3 6.8 Overall, I slightly prefer B over A
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