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  1. joe says:

    I recently accidentally plugged a 300ma 12v adapter into my fly 3 bass and now it no longer powers on with batteries or adapter, no LED, no sound. Any ideas what I should test to fix it? Thanks!

  2. Rene says:

    I noticed the problem of resonating springs in my strat some time ago. It really annoyed me and I improved it by packing the springs in heat shrink tubes.

  3. Eddie Joe says:

    12 29 2020
    I just stumbled across your schematic, and it looks like a simplified DR Z AirBrake or similar.
    However, I am confused when it comes to your designations for the DP6T switch.
    Is there any way that you could elaborate on this and/or simplify the schematic.

    Thanks in advance and stay safe out there.

    • bancika says:

      Hey, I thought it was a relatively standard way of designating rotary pins but I could easily be mistaken. A and C are the inner two lugs designating common lugs and 1-12 are outer ones. There should be a marker on the bottom of those plastic switches next to each pin, but you can also determine which is which with a multimeter. 1-6 switch to A, 2-12 switch to C.

  4. Grunk says:

    I want more crunch out of the overdrive but I lack the skill to try the JFET mod. I know the cheapest option is to use a pedal but that would defeat the purpose. Any suggestions on getting someone else to do it?

    • bancika says:

      Hard to tell really. If you go to a professional it could cost more than the amp itself, depending on where you live. It’s really best suited for DIY enthusiasts and such 🙂

  5. Seth Adams says:

    This is my second time doing building a guitar. First time was when I found my dads old beat up guitar all torn apart 2 years ago it had been a pet project of mine ever since now completed I am moving on to building my next guitar form scratch. This guitar on this website looks great though. Last time I sanded off all the primer and just straight stained it. This time I am staining with red mahogany which in truth is a darker shade of things but at the same time I am working on a total of 3 guitars waiting for the other two kits to arrive. So my question is couldn’t I use 2 different color of shades of stain to get a wild design?

  6. Michael says:

    Is there a extension cable (phone cord male to female) or lan cord extension I can get to spread the cab further from the amp. They only give you about 22 inches of cable lead from the cabinet ?

  7. ChetP says:

    I’m interested in doing the external speaker output mod on a used Fly 3 Bass amp I just ordered. The seller said that the power led doesn’t turn on, but the amp works fine. Should I be concerned about the led?

    I’ll get back to you with questions about the external speaker mod after I receive the amp.

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