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  1. Dheer Chhabria says:

    Hi, do you have the PCB files or eagle files for this project

  2. Tommy Annefalk says:

    Díd you ever do the boost/gain stage mod? if so, how did it turn out?
    I find your projects very interesting and inspiring i am thinking about building a SLO clone soon and this mod is something that i would like to have, like having a built in Tube Screamer, awesome;)

    Peace from Sweden!

    • bancika says:

      Hey Tommy. I haven’t integrated a boost because that way I have flexibility of choosing different overdrive/boost pedals in front of the preamp…but it could be convenient to keep everything in a single package.

  3. Kenneth Ibanez says:

    Hi, do you still have the vector for the jpm picasso graphics?

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