Mighty Turtle Head | Joe Satriani | Guitar Cover | Headless Telecaster Demo | Hipshot

My take on the cool Satriani song from the “Time Machine” album. Used my home-made mini headless Telecaster with DiMarzio Chopper in the bridge and Fast Track 1 in the neck position. Only the neck pickup is used in this clip. Signal chain is 100% digital VST stuff – BIAS Amp as Marshall amp simulator with a touch of Ignite Amps TSB-1 at the front and some delay and reverb at the end of the chain.

Guitar: Travelcaster
Pickup: DiMarzio Fast Track 1
Effect: Ignite Amps Tyrant Screamer TSB-1
Amplifier: Positive Grid BIAS Amp
Effect: ReaEQ VST
Effect: ReaDelay VST
Interface: NI Komplete 6
Recorder: Reaper

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