Pink Floyd – Time (solo) Cover

Guitar solo cover of my favorite Pink Floyd song – Time. Doing justice to David Gilmour is not an easy task and I certainly messed up here and there, but who counts 🙂

The guitar is a heavily modified Squier Standard Strat with scalloped frets, 12″ radius, jumbo frets and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues pickup in the bridge position (Kinmans in neck and middle). It’s plugged straight into NI Komplete 6 interface connected to my Dell laptop. Fuzzy tones come from the FuzzPlus3 VST plugin, pushed a tiny bit harder with TSE808 plugin. Amp is PositiveGrid BIAS 59 Tweed. On top of that I added some reverb, analog delay and some EQ tweaking.

Guitar: Squier Strat (modded)
Pickup: DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues
Effect: ReaEQ VST
Effect: TSE808 VST
Effect: FuzzPlus3 VST
Amplifier: Positive Grid BIAS 59 Tweed
Effect: Positive Grid BIAS FX Analog Delay
Effect: Positive Grid BIAS FX Reverb
Interface: NI Komplete 6
Recorder: Reaper

Johnny Guitar – Shadows – Guitar Cover w/ Tabs

My take on the cool oldie from the 50s, originally sung by Peggy Lee. “The Spotnicks” did the instrumental cover in the 60s and there’s a similar version of the song floating around that’s referred to as “The Shadows” cover. It does sound a lot like them, but some say that “The Shadows” never recorded it. I’m no expert on “The Shadows” or that genre, but either way, it’s a cool sounding version. It has a different guitar solo than “The Spotnicks” version and guitar sounds much nicer for my taste (I hate that thin sound of “The Spotnicks” version).

I tried to transcribe it note-for-note, but excuse any mistakes I may have made in the process. Most people play the main theme on higher strings, but I intentionally moved to lower strings and higher frets to get that throaty Strat sound around the 12th fret.

Used my heavily modified Squier Strat with Kinman AVn-56 pickup in the neck position. The guitar is plugged straight into the NI Komplete 6 interface. On my laptop I’m running Reaper and Positive Grid BIAS FX. It’s loaded with ’59 Tweed Deluxe amp model, Compressor and Booster at the front and Analog Delay after the amp. At the end I added some mild reverb using Reaper’s own plugin.

For more info see

Guitar: Squier Strat (modded)
Pickup: Kiman AVn-56
Effect: Positive Grid BIAS FX Compressor
Effect: Positive Grid BIAS FX Booster
Amplifier: ’59 Tweed Deluxe
Effect: Positive Grid BIAS FX Analog Delay
Effect: ReaVerberate
Interface: NI Komplete 6
Recorder: Reaper

Mesa Mark IIc+ preamp DIY clone, Strat demo 1

Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe

Preamp is based on Mesa Mark IIc+ with a couple of mods.

For more info see

Guitar: Squier Strat (modded)
Pickup: DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues
Effect: MXR 6 band EQ
Effect: Hardwire RV-7
Amplifier: Mark IIc+ Preamp
Cabinet: Palmer PDI-09
Recorder: Boss Micro BR
Tube: 12AX7
Other: Russian PIO Capacitors

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